a pungent smell of brine or anxiety

THE MIGHTY JANE: 23. giant language dork shamefully fluent only in english and turn of the century dresses.
❒ single ❒ taken ✔ my cat. i like words, detail, meaning, lightning storms, tea without sweetener, late victorian fashion, and cheesy urban fantasy media. also, i'm an editor.

BLOG CONTAINS: really gratuitous amounts of late Victorian and Edwardian fashion, technology, photographs, and everyday stuff (no for real this is like 50% just a Second Industrial Revolution aesthetic blog) | homestuck | cheesy goth and witch shit | welcome to night vale | snakes | tea | disney | steampunk | language, linguistics, and words | rain, thunderstorms, oceans | Japanese language, culture, and food | superheroes (mostly 1960s marvel and cinematic marvel but also adam west batman) | tales of various tabletop exploits | tarot | mythology | cats | harry potter | bees | vampires | hannibal

sometimes i liveblog things. i tag those things with a tag specific to the liveblog so they can be ignored. i also tag all my other shit (homestuck, night vale, mcu, and hannibal especially)

i have secretly been a giant bee this whole time. you were warned.

i started the captain america is a dorito thing. i'm sorry



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  1. sometimes i want to take the entire hobbit and/or tolkien fanartsphere gently by the arm

    and sit down with it

    and gaze deeply and intensely into its eyes

    and reach out and gently touch its face

    and whisper

    "there are dwarves other than the heirs of durin"

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      There are dwarves not dorfs
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      moar bofur and ori plz precious babies
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